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QuCub games are no more available. Production is stopped. We are seeking a new manufacturer. we will keep you posted

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PICPULP - Osez le vase en carton

PicPulp consists in 3 distinctive elements made of corrugated cardboard and plastic: vase, base plate and plastic bag.
The plastic bag will contain water and its thickness is adequate to prevent punctures from its content.
For bunches of dried flowers, one might use some sand or gravel as ballast.
...Unforgettable with love...
Bring your final touch in using the available surface of the vase and express your creativity by drawing or painting on it.
... Think PicPulp...
Avoid embarrassing situation where no more vases are left and the ultimate alternative is a beer glass...
... Hold PicPulp...
It is suited to be recycled, more that 80% of Picpulp is made of recycled materials. 100% Swiss made.
... Enjoy PicPulp...
At home, office, restaurant, wedding, visiting a friend at hospital...Pic Pulp.. what else?

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